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2024 Schedule - order of topics may vary

  • Sessions will be held in-person
  • Tours may follow many of the sessions

April 16, 2024

    • Understanding leadership styles and associated personality traits using DiSC assessments
    • Use your power and leadership to achieve goals
    • Build alliances for empowerment
    • Create passion in your environment
    • Continue your growth as a leader through self-development plansLeadership Skill - What Type of Leader Are You?  (DiSC Profile)What type are you?  How do you build your leadership skills and empower yourself to seize leadership opportunities?  Learn to Develop, Engage, & Empower by directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating.  We will show you how to recognize your natural traits and utilize them to lead others.

    Learn how to empower yourself and others to build upon natural tendencies and the type of leader you want to be!

May 21, 2024

Leadership Skill  - Work/Life Balance: Time Management, Prioritization, Delegation

Are you too busy being busy?!  All business leaders struggle with having enough time in the day to get their “stuff” done.

  • How much time do you spend doing your job, versus the amount of time you spend with loved ones, personal interests, & hobbies?
  • How do you know if you’re being efficient?
  • Do you feel like you’re juggling too many balls?

When work demands more of your time or attention, you will have less time to handle your other responsibilities or passions.  With a satisfactory work-life balance, reap a range of benefits. Productivity is higher, absenteeism is lower, and physical and mental health improves with a higher commitment and motivation to work. Personal relationships can also benefit from achieving this balance.

June 18, 2024

Leadership Skill - Leading vs. Managing

Develop a strategic game plan for empowerment and creating effective engagements.  Build your competencies to advance to progressive levels in your career path.  Being strategic means providing opportunities for empowerment to those being led.  You become empowered when you empower others.

  • Expand your capacity to perform in leadership roles within organizations
  • Learn to facilitate and execute an organization's strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare, and growing the capabilities of others.
  • Gain insight on the development of employees and colleagues Into Innovative Leaders
  • Learn to make consequential decisions that align with corporate strategy and culture
  • Become equipped with relevant technical, relational, and communication skills
  • Guidance on navigating change to increase success

July 16, 2024

Leadership Skill - Dress For Success

Did you know; those wearing suits are better at abstract thinking than those wearing sweatpants?! How do you add value to your image?  What you wear matters in everyday life. Your appearance is often the first thing others notice about you. Dressing professionally can help form a positive impression to people you meet in the workplace.  Studies have shown that wearing nice clothes during office hours can affect the way people perceive you, boost your self-confidence, and display a detail-oriented image of yourself.   Let’s not forget about self-expression vs. conservatism: piercings, tattoos, and hair color.

August 20, 2024

Leadership Skill - Effective Networking Strategies

Gone are the days of seeing how many business cards we can collect!  Whether it’s the “3 C’s, 3 P’s, or 4 Characteristics” of networking, it’s only effective if you know how to adapt your networking style to the personality style you’re engaging with.

How do you:

  • Build relationships & keep in contact?
  • Leverage influential connections?
  • Focus your efforts?
  • Work on your communication skills?

We’ll explore ways to develop superior relationships through networking: curiosity, authenticity and follow-through on your offers of help to new connections.

September 17, 2024

 Leadership Skill - Public Speaking/Presentations

Improve your presentation abilities, learn how to overcome fear and attain
better focus. Begin with a self-assessment of your existing presentation skills to identify
strengths and opportunities for growth. Develop skills to establish a purpose for a
presentation and crafting messages specific to that purpose.

This program teaches you:

  • Identify your public speaking fears
  • Public Speaking vs. Presentations
  • Performing
  • Content
  • Delivery
  • Making a memorable conclusion​

October 15, 2024

Leadership Skill - Leading Through Workplace Conflict

Different Personalities => Different Perspectives => Opportunities

Workplace challenges typically arise from personality conflicts.  What does diversity mean to you?... To the team? … To your customers?

With the growing focus of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, we will discuss:

  • How to recognize and embrace diversity in your workplace
  • How and why to source some of the best employee candidates from a diverse pool
  • How to tackle the challenges around finding team players

November 19, 2024

 Leadership Skill - Measuring Success & Goal Setting

How are you enhancing yourself, so you can better lead others?  How do you evaluate your performance as a leader?  Goal-setting is an essential leadership skill, fundamental to leadership ability.  Define what success means to you and your team.  In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Tips & tricks for better clarity in thought & communication
  • Ways to assess your leadership style and fit with the task
  • Judgment about situations & people
  • Strategies for measuring team success
  • How to excel in personal integrity & commitment
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