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An Overview

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Leading the way... Making connections... Building the community...

CLIMB  - a program that CultivatesLeadsInspiresMotivates and Buildupon the basic skills and qualities of each participant.  Each session, facilitators deliver 2 hours of leadership skills. This program is a must for any emerging leader and anyone who wants to make a difference at their business and in their community!

In a competitive world, it is extremely important that leaders have the necessary skills to manage various situations, CLIMB gives each student more tools to use in their toolbox.  At the end of the program, you may be inspired to take on a leadership role to help solve the issues that matter most. Even more importantly, you will have a collection of skills and leadership alumni to call upon for future projects or problems that you may face in the business world.  Past classes have included State and Federal Legislators, Judges, Mayors, City Managers, CEOs, Physicians, Non-Profit Executives, City Council Members and Board of Education leaders in its long history.

The 2023 Class

The 2023 Class CLIMB


Front Row - Haley Carr, Kayla Hocz, Michelle Morand, Chris Lange, Brian Carroll

Second Row - Lexie Jones, Carla Ealy, Cassie Mattia, Joe Feist, Marc Dixon

Third Row - Kami Barnes, Jen Hayes, Gary Woodward, James Metz

Fourth Row - Emanuel Cabrera Cordero, Tom Smith, Jacob Schulte, Mark Johnson, Brad Schrand, Chad Packer

Not Pictured - Denny Daugherty, Jared Sacre, Ashley Schouse, Tonya Terrell


Companies Represented - Atrium Medical Center, Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Butler Tech, City of Middletown, City of Monroe, Cohen, Community Building Institute Middletown, Emery Federal Credit Union, First Financial Bank, Hope House Rescue Mission, Miami University Regionals, Middletown City Schools, MidPointe Library System, Phillips Tube Group, Shape Corporation, Valley Central Bank

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