• Outdoor Drink Area

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  • D.O.R.A

    Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area


    Hours of Operation: 7 days a week; 12 PM - 12 AM


    How it Works: You can purchase a beverage from a liquor permit establishment within the DORA boundaries and walk around our downtown DORA district with your drink! To be able to do so, you will need to purchase a $1 DORA Bracelet (one time purchase, good for the entire day at every establishment) and request that your beverage be placed within one of the designated DORA plastic cups if you wish to leave the establishment. Drinks cannot be taken out of the establishment without being in an official DORA cup and the individual must have an official, dated DORA bracelet on. No cans, no glass bottles, and no outside drinks are permitted within the DORA.



    1. Buy and wear your dated, DORA wristband, good from Noon-Midnight at every establishment.
    2. Purchase your drink at a DORA designated establishment.
    3. Drink and Stroll inside the DORA boundaries, look for signs!
    4. Please finish your drink before entering another DORA designated establishment (ie- you are unable to take your alcoholic DORA drink from one bar/restaurant to another establishment that serves alcohol).


    Where to Buy:

    • The Square
    • American Legion
    • Canal Pub at the Landing
    • Forest Hills Country Club
    • Gracie's
    • Murphy's Landing
    • Rolling Mill Brewing Company
    • Spoken Bicycles
    • The Swire Inn
    • The White Dog Distilling Company
    • The Windamere
    • West Central Wine


    You can: 

    • Purchase a drink at an authorized location and walk around the DORA
    • Take a purchased drink into a non-liquor serving establishment if the owner allows
    • Drink responsibly and have fun


    You cannot: 

    • Bring your own drinks into the district
    • Walk around with a purchased drink not in a designated DORA plastic container (no cans, no glass, no outside drinks are permitted)
    • Walk around with a DORA drink without an official, dated DORA bracelet for that day
    • Take a beverage purchased at one liquor serving establishment into another liquor establishment
    • Act a fool and ruin it for everyone
  • Business does not allow alcoholic beverages inside.


  • Alcoholic beverages along with DORA wristbands and cups can be purchased at this business.

  • Business allows alcoholic beverages inside.

  • Boundaries: The map below outlines the boundaries of the DORA. In short, it is from the riverfront to Clark Street in downtown Middletown. There are signs posted when you reach the edges of the districts, please keep an eye out for them.