​Member Spotlight


    The Best is Yet to Come in Middletown

    by Kettering Health

    Recently, Kettering Health Network underwent a significant brand refresh—an almost two-year process that involved talking to our patients throughout southwest Ohio to better understand how we could better treat and care for the communities we serve.

    The result of this research was the launch of a new, refreshed look and identity as Kettering Health—a decision made to ensure our patients could easily find the care they needed.

    This also meant that the facilities affiliated with Kettering Health would be renamed to better align them with the Kettering name, and ensure that patients receiving care knew to expect the same quality care—no matter which facility was closest to them.

    Some of these changes will be significant—Grandview Medical Center will become Kettering Health Dayton, and Sycamore Medical Center will become Kettering Health Miamisburg. For some facilities, such as Fort Hamilton Hospital, the biggest change will be the inclusion of Kettering Health in the facility name.

    For Kettering Health Middletown, there will be a few changes community members will notice. First, the facility will undergo a small name change and become Kettering Health Middletown. The facility will also be elevated to medical center status, so patients know they will receive the same level of care in Middletown that they would at any other Kettering Health facility.

    “Uniting under the Kettering name is all about access,” said Daniel Tryon, campus administrator for Kettering Health Middletown and president of Southview Medical Center. “We want patients to know they can get the same great care at every facility, every time.”

    From the beginning, the focus of Kettering Health’s presence in Middletown has been “how can we meet the needs of the Middletonians?” Over the last few years, our facility has grown, and our services have expanded. We have added important women’s health services, such as mammography and a breast evaluation center, expanded our heart and brain care, introduced behavioral health services, and worked to ensure our emergency services were certified for patients of all ages.

    And this refresh is a natural next step in that process. By modernizing our logo and colors, aligning our facilities and services under one Kettering Health, and elevating Middletown to medical center status, we are preparing to treat Middletown for generations to come. By recommitting ourselves to our patient-centered care and faith-based mission, we are positioning ourselves to be the most trusted, consistent, and safe option for healthcare in Middletown.