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    Workers Value Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage
     Employees value health coverage from employers, and it is the most important benefit an employer can offer their workers.

    Why it matters: The findings from a survey sponsored by Protecting Americans Coverage Together – a coalition that includes the Chamber – reaffirm the high degree of importance workers have in employer-sponsored health insurance (ESI). Policymakers should do more to support and strengthen it.

    By the numbers:
    • 96% said health insurance was either
      • Extremely important (83%)
      • Very important 13%) to them
    • ‌93% said they were satisfied with their insurance
    • ‌87% said their plans are affordable

    Be smart: 89% of Americans prefer to get health coverage through an employer than through other means.
    • And: 81% said they would rather receive their coverage from an employer than a government-provided health plan

    Our take: “Employees value their employer-sponsored health coverage,” said Katie Mahoney, Chamber Vice President of Health Policy. “ESI is working for the people with access to it, and the goal of policymakers should be to strengthen and bolster the system to help more people.”

    * * If you'd like to learn more about a chamber-sponsored healthcare program, please call The Chamber Office - 513-422-4551