September 19, 2017 - Class Orientation

    Leadership Skill - Learning Your Individual Style
    Allows participants to get acquainted with and increase sensitivity to their interpersonal and cognitive styles, and highlights the importance of vision/mission enrollment, effective organizational communication, and personal feedback as critical leadership skills. Participants will complete two nationally recognized self-assessment questionnaires, the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), to gain further insight into the styles, motives, and thinking preferences that drive behavior. They will also be used to improve interactions with co-workers and customers, with the ultimate goal of increasing organizational effectiveness and productivity.

    October 17, 2017 - Education
    Examine current challenges facing the education system; learn about future opportunities from leaders in the academic environment that include our surrounding public schools (Middletown, Monroe, Madison, Edgewood) and post-secondary institutions (Butler Tech, Cincinnati State, Miami University)

    Leadership Skill - Effective Communications - Seven Habits of Highly Successful People
    Designed to increase confidence and competence in communications and provide processes and techniques for one-on-one conversations, informal and formal meetings and work sessions. Participants experience real-time skills practice, coaching and feedback. Topics include: Crucial Conversations, Listening, Self-Assessment and Communications Climate.


    November 21, 2017 - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
    Learn the importance of WPAFB to the Air Force, the state of Ohio and our region. You will receive a tour of area A or B.

    Leadership Skill - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People & Time Management
    No matter how competent a person is, sustained and lasting success depends on the ability to effectively lead yourself, influence, engage and collaborate with others—and continuously improve and renew your capabilities. Participants will learn the seven habits at the heart of team, organizational and personal effectiveness.

    Learn to identify the most important tasks and key time wasters. Discover new ways to allocate and manage time and deal with challenging deadlines and workloads. Also learn techniques to help teams move from feeling overwhelmed and spinning their wheels to taking action. Topics include Covey’s Time Management model.

    December 19, 2017 - Leadership Skills

    Leadership Skill - Conflict Management & Stress Management
    Equips participants involved in conflict or intervening in conflict with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize, evaluate and resolve conflicts in person-to-person as well as group situations. Participants build skills and practice proven strategies that diffuse conflict, build relationships, and increase knowledge of individual conflict styles. Topics include: Conflict Models and Self-Assessment.

    Participants learn how to cope more easily with heavy workloads, demanding expectations, and the daily dramas that cause stress and burnout. Learn tools and techniques to allow you to spend more time being focused and productive and less time feeling annoyed or frustrated.

    January 16, 2018 - Industry
    Examine why industrial companies select this area for expansion; understand the impact that industrial employers have on our economy. The day also includes a tour of an industrial facility.

    Leadership Skill - Emotional Intelligence
    Emotions are all around us in the office, and it's important for leaders to understand how to harness them to cultivate productivity and positive relationships. Participants experience how to develop emotional intelligence to better lead teams, work with peers and manage upward.

    February 20, 2018 - Healthcare
    Learn the challenges facing health care providers and understand the challenges for consumers of healthcare; includes a tour of Atrium Medical Center.

    Leadership Skill - Situational Leadership
    Provides participants with a complete understanding of Situational Leadership® concepts and use of the model. Enhances knowledge of, and relationship between, leadership, employee readiness levels and performance. Equips participants with the knowledge, skills and methods necessary to lead others in a manner supportive of today's work environment.

    March 20, 2018 - Logistics
    Understand the latest trends in the transportation and logistics industry, how consumer demands are changing the way businesses approach development, and what this means in terms of job growth in our region. The day also includes a tour of Home Depot and Kohl’s.

    Leadership Skill - Dealing with Change
    Designed to provide a straightforward approach to dealing with the effects of change and maximizing effectiveness during implementation of a change initiative, resulting in a reduction of the amount of anxiety, ambiguity and unproductive time associated with change. Topics include: Resilience, Change Models and Self-Assessment.

    Class Presentation -  Situational Leadership

    Class Presentation  - Strategic Alignment


    April 17, 2018 - Leadership Skills

    Leadership Skill - Skills for Leading Teams
    Provides participants with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to lead or facilitate process improvement, problem solving, and short-lived project teams. Topics include: Stages of Team Development, Achieving Consensus, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Process Improvement and Action Planning.


    May 15, 2018 - Economic Development
    Learn how city infrastructure leads to commercial development; examine the economic strategy for our region. The day will also include a tour of MillerCoors.

    Leadership Skill - Effective Communications & Meeting Management
    Designed to increase confidence and competence in communications and provide processes and techniques for presentations, interviews and work sessions. Participants experience real-time skills practice, coaching and feedback. Topics include: Networking, Presentations and Feedback.

    For many groups, departments, teams and managers, a meeting is the main vehicle used to work through problems, plan actions and communicate information. Participants learn how to effectively plan and manage meetings, involve everyone, explore options, and produce good decisions. Topics include: Meeting Management Tools & Techniques.

    May 2018 - Graduation Celebration
    Program to include cocktail hour, hors d’oeuvres, and presentation of certificates.


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