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    CareWorksComp is Ohio’s leading Workers’ Compensation Third Party Administrator (TPA) offering comprehensive workers’ compensation analysis that maximizes our customers’ potential BWC savings.  They help employers determine the best rating or discount program available, whether that is group rating, BWC deductible, 100% EM cap or any other available BWC program that can help lower your costs.

    For more information on CareWorksComp Workers’ Compensation program, contact Julia Hall with CareWorksComp toll-free at 1-800-837-3200, ext. 51576 or by email to Julia.hall@careworkscomp.com.


    Hunter Consulting Company provides comprehensive consulting and claims administration in the area of Workers’ and Unemployment Compensations. The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance Group Rating Program is one of the most utilized benefit programs offered. This benefit can add to your competitive edge in today's complex market.

    Hunter Consulting has established itself as one of Ohio's premier Third Party Administrators. Hunter is the administrator for the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance's Workers' Compensation Group Rating Program.

    The Group Rating program is designed to substantially reduce your company's rate and may represent significant savings for your company. The Group Rating Program is one of the fastest growing programs in the State of Ohio, offering highly competitive premium discounts while maintaining excellent claims administrative services.

    For more information and a no cost, no obligation review, please contact Brandon Hunter of Hunter Consulting at 1-800-486-6652.


    Click here to download the AC-3 Authorization Form

    Click here to download Safety Information


    “Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

    ~Billie Jean King

    JUNE! With the year almost half over, it seems as though much has already happened to make this an exciting year of changes. Please take notice of the approaching deadlines for June and July; highlighting the 2017 True-Up process beginning July 1, and the new premium installment due dates listed on your payment schedule. By changing the due dates BWC hopes to streamline the billing cycle, resulting in fewer reminder invoices being sent.  As always, we encourage you to get in touch with anyone on your CareWorksComp team to assist with questions you have. We’re always happy to discuss your workers’ comp program and suggest ideas and solutions!

     Important Dates and Upcoming Deadlines :

    *       June 21, 2018

    • Due date for the first installment for the 2018 policy year

    (Please note this was recently updated by BWC.)

    Premium notices are now available on BWC website, in the same location as your policy and premium information.


    *       June 30, 2018 

    • Early Payment Discount due date.

    Employer must pay full Policy Year 2018 estimated annual premium in order to receive this 2% discount, which will be credited once the premium is paid. 

    • Deadline to complete Safety Council participation requirements for the 2017 policy year.
    • Deadline to complete ISSP loss-prevention activities for Policy Year 2017.
    • Deadline to complete the ISPP on-site consultation survey (form SH-29) for Policy Year 2017.


    *       July 1, 2018

    • Start date of the 2018 policy year, including new 2018 rates and programs.


    *       July 31, 2018

    • Final day to join a safety council for the 2018 policy year.
    • Deadline to complete DFSP accident analysis training for 7/1 program start date (initial year only!). Please note that new supervisors have 60 from the date of hire to complete.
    • Deadline to complete the online safety management self-assessment (SH-26) for a 7/1 start date for both the DFSP program and the ISSP program.



    2018 True-up: For the 2017 policy year, 7/1/17-6/30/18, true-up reconciliation may be done beginning on 7/1/18 and must be completed by 8/15/18. It is very important that your true-up is done timely or BWC may lapse your coverage and/or remove your company from any alternative rating programs.  Please see the attached information for further details.


    Changes to Go Green RebateBeginning with the 2018 policy year, in order to be eligible for this 1% rebate (up to $2,000) you will need to complete your true-up online and pay any balance owed at that time. Also, it’s necessary to opt in to receive invoice email notifications to qualify, once that option becomes available early this summer (these notices alert you when the next invoice is available online.)


     2019 Program Offers: Every year CareWorksComp evaluates your company for the best fitting alternative rating programs that we can offer you. During the next few months, we’ll be sending program invitations and renewal notices in anticipation of fall 2018 deadlines. In some cases you will receive invitations to both group rating or group retro programs. Please know that we are available to discuss program details and the most appropriate fit for your business.


    Two Hour Group Safety Training: The deadline to fulfill the 2017 Two Hour Group Safety Training Requirement is 6/30/18. If you still need to complete the training, you may do so on BWC’s website, https://info.bwc.ohio.gov/wps/portal/bwc/site/safety/safety-courses/safety-courses.   If you have completed the training but have not notified us, please send that documentation to twohourtraining@careworkscomp.com 

    Note: If you completed the training at one of our seminars or through video, we have already documented your participation…not necessary to send it again.


    Premium Rebate Approved by BWC Board: The $1.5 billion rebate was approved in May and eligible employers will receive 85% of their 2016 premiums paid. In order to be eligible, any overdue premiums or outstanding BWC balances must be paid by 6/8/18, as well as any outstanding payroll reports submitted. Rebate checks will be sent in early July, unless your business participated in a Group Retrospective rating program in Policy Year 2016, in which case your rebate will be sent by early November. Housekeeping note: If you haven’t done so in a while, now is a good time to check the BWC website to be sure your mailing address is correct so that you receive the rebate check to the right address!


    OSHA 300 Logs: Employers have until July 1, 2018 to report their Calendar Year 2017 Form 300A data to OSHA. All covered establishments must submit the information by July 1, 2018. Remember, not all establishments are covered by this requirement. If you had 20 or more employees at any time during the year and your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is one of those covered, then you are required to report. Most employers in the construction and manufacturing industry are required to report. To review which establishments need to provide their 2017 data, click here.

    Payroll true-up reports

    The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) requires that employers reconcile their actual payroll following each policy year.

    The BWC establishes each employer’s estimated annual premium (EAP) based on the most recent payroll that you reported to the BWC, or for a new employer, based on the 12-month payroll estimate that you provide.

    At the end of the policy year, the BWC must “True-Up” the payroll report to ensure that the estimated premium was used for the previous policy year.  Therefore, each employer must file a true-up report that reflects the actual payroll for the policy year.  This report must be completed online and can be accessed (along with additional information and instructions) through this link:  Payroll true-up report

    If your actual (true-up) payroll exceeded the estimated payroll, then you will owe the BWC additional premium.  If your actual (true-up) payroll is less than your estimated payroll, you will receive a credit of premium dollars.

    *Employer must submit a payroll true-up report even if it has zero payroll.

    Private employers will receive payroll true-up notices in July, and they must complete their report to BWC and pay any outstanding balance, by August 15. 

    Public employers will receive payroll true-up notices in January, and they must complete their report to BWC and pay any outstanding balance, by February 15. 


    Employers who do not complete the True-Up process on time will be disqualified for all BWC Discounts and Rating Programs for that year. 




    New Payment Transition Calendar




    30th - 

    • Deadline to complete the DFSP annual report for the preceding 7/1 program start date.
    • Last date to request a change in your estimated annual payroll exposure for policy year 2017 (7/1/17-6/30/18).
    • Last date to request a change in your installment payment plan schedule for policy year 2017.
    • Deadline to complete the One Claim Program (OCP) program education requirement.
    • Deadline to complete the EM cap program requirements.


    CareWorksComp Seminars: Please mark your calendar to attend one of our half-day workers’ comp seminars this April. We will be presenting our Cost Control Seminars around the state:

    • April 17, 2018 – Columbus
    • April 18, 2018 – Cleveland
    • April 26, 2018 – Cincinnati


    Please see the attached registration form for additional details and to register to attend. As always, attendance at the seminars will fulfill the BWC Two-Hour Group Safety Training Requirement.


    2017 Premium Installment Notifications: BWC is in the process of finalizing the manual code base rates for policy year 2018 (beginning 7/1), and they will be notifying employers of their new annual premium rates in early May. Employers should receive  updated premium installment schedules at that time, this is also the time to make any changes to your installment payment plan schedule.


    Additional 2-Hour Training Options:

    CareWorksComp is offering Two additional training sessions to fulfill the BWC Two-Hour Group Safety Training Requirement. These will be hosted in Bowling Green on 3/13/18, and Dublin on 6/5/18. Click here for registration material.


    Posting Requirements for OSHA: OSHA reminds employers of their obligation to post a copy of OSHA’s Form 300A, which summarizes job-related injuries and illnesses logged during 2017. Each year, between February 1 and April 30, the summary must be displayed in a common area where notices to employees are usually posted. Businesses with ten or fewer employees and those in certain low-hazard industries are exempt from OSHA recordkeeping and posting requirements. Visit OSHA's Recordkeeping Rule webpage for more information on recordkeeping requirements.