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    Leading the way, making connections and building the community!


    The Leadership/Influence Task Force sought to design a program that addresses more leadership skills for a demanding future.  What the group created was CLIMB - a program that Cultivates, Leads, Inspires, Motivates and Builds upon the basic skills and qualities of each participant.  We are excited about the redesigned program and objectives, and invite you to come CLIMB with us!  At the beginning of each session, your facilitator will deliver 3.5 hours of leadership skills.  This program is a must for any emerging leader and anyone who wants to make a difference at their business and in their community!

    In a competitive world, business leaders are challenged to be more productive in their organizations and engaged in their communities.  An important part of those challenges is to take a broader look by searching out opportunities to make a positive impact to the community where one lives and works every day.  We are posed to help you discover what this region offers, as well as what opportunities exist for business leaders.

    At the end of the program, you may be inspired to take on a leadership role to help solve the issues that matter most.  Even more importantly, you will have a collection of skills and leadership alumni to call upon for future projects or problems that you may face in the business world.  Past classes have included State and Federal Legislators, Judges, Mayors, City Managers, CEOs, Physicians, Non-Profit Executives, City Council Members and Board of Education leaders in its long history.

    The class will be limited to 25 participants from our service area and will be chosen to represent a variety of employers and organizations.

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    The 2018-19 Class












    From L-R: 

    Frank Feng, Miami Regionals, Ben Blankenship, Atrium Medical Center, Cesar Ruiz, Serta Simmons Bedding, Derek Bibler, Atrium Medical CenterAmy Berlean, Middletown Community Foundation, Yilin Hu, Miami Regionals, Sam Cornwall, LCNB National Bank, Heather Mason, Kettering Health Network, Shawn Elam, Cohen, Laura Waiss, Miami Regionals, Tim DeHart, AAA Wastewater, Mike Tannreuther, AK Steel. 

    Not Pictured, Bryan Ziegler, McGraw/Kokosing.