• Focus Areas 

    • Communications - Chaired by Rick Fishbaugh
    Develop and Disseminate a unified messafe from The Chamber office to members,media, and our service area.
    • Economic Development - Chaired by Chris Bergs
    To increase growth for existing business members and solicit new businesses that willpositively impact our service area.
    • Government Relations - Co-Chaired by Nancy Nix and Tal Moon 
    To work with the elected officials in our service area to develop a pro-businessenvironment in order for our members' businesses to flourish and prosper as well as toallow for new and supporting businesses to move into our service area.
    • Member Services - Chaired by Bob Lafkas
    To create a shared commitment of a member's growth and success by offering practicaltools, resources, and services that will allow them to grow their business.