• Where Did All The Workers Go?

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    Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio – CCEO
    ChamberCon Winter Conference
    February 23-24, 2023
    Roughly 90 of my colleagues from across Ohio attended.
    Where Did All The Workers Go?
    The session was conducted by the following:
    • John Trott  - Executive Director, Ohio Workforce Board
    • Christine Marshall – Summit/Medina County Workforce Area
    The labor shortage is not benefit related, it is not going away any time soon
    There are 2 ways of identifying a workforce:
    • Current Population – unemployed & those out of the workforce
    • Immigrants
    Since the……
    • 1950’s  - men have been declining in the workforce, prime age women has been increasing
    • 1960’s – the World has had a declining population, no country is replacing their workforce pipeline; each couple needs 2.1 children to create more workers
    • 1970’s – prime age men has been declining
                    A 1% drop in statistics represents 1.7M workers
    • 2020 – women left the workforce due to closure of schools & daycare
    Christine Marshall and her team surveyed 800 individuals in 3 counties; Summit, Medina, Portage
    Their findings are below:
    • Part-Time work may work best for people
    • First Line Supervisors or boss was cause of 12% to leave the workforce
    • Additional training is needed to keep employees
    • Salary information need to be posting in job posting
    • 30% of respondents changed their work situation – this number is astounding!
    • Many quit their jobs and opened their own business – entrepreneurship
    • People are moving between jobs
    • Flexible schedules are important to people
    • Gen Z wants mental health coverage
    Some basic solutions –
    • Have flexible work environments
    • Creative work environments
    • Make recruitment process simpler & easier
    • Look at skill level, stress level, schedule
    • Let workers grow into jobs through targeted training
    • Recruit H.S. students
    • Work to retain your employees
    • Conduct Stay Interviews with employees – “what do you want?”
    Should you want to continue the conversation, feel free to reach out – rick@thechamberofcommerce.org