• Belflex Selects Middletown High for Mentoring Program

    February 05, 2019
    BelFlex Selects Middletown High School

    BelFlex has selected Middletown High School to participate in its BelFlex Junior Mentoring Program. This is the second year the program will be offered at Middletown High School with 14 senior students participating. The program, which kicks off on February 6, brings local volunteers into the school to help students gain the skills and confidence needed to pursue their education and career goals after graduation.

    During the seven-week program the students learn a range of skills including how to write a resume, hunt for a job and dress professionally. Additionally, each student will have the opportunity to participate in a series of mock interviews (March 20th) with local business executives and job shadow employees at an area company. All students who successfully complete the coursework will participate in a graduation ceremony at the end of the program.

    BelFlex is inviting local Middletown companies and community leaders to participate in this workforce development program by mentoring and giving students an opportunity to interview with real professionals and receive constructive feedback.

    “BelFlex is committed to helping young people in the community have the tools they need to be successful after they graduate high school,” said John Murlin, Business Development Manager, BelFlex. “Whether we’re helping them build their resume or build their confidence, the skills learned in the BelFlex Junior Mentoring Program can be transferred to whatever path the students chose including employment, college, vocational school or military service.”

    If you need additional information or wish to speak with anyone at BelFlex or the High School about the program,
     they can contact John Murlin at BelFlex via email: jmurlin@belflex.com or phone: 513-323-6437.

    Karen Pressman - ClearEdge Marketing