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    Cohen's E-Recycling Program

    by Adam Marcum


    Technology evolves so quickly these days that we often find ourselves struggling to keep up with it, so it should come as no surprise that obsolete electronics are now the fastest growing waste stream in the world.


    What is e-recycling, you might ask? It is the responsible alternative to filling up our landfills with toxic electronics that we no longer want or need.


    There are several ways to go about this process, but one Middletown company is going above and beyond to ensure that they handle it the right way.


    Meet Cohen.


    Family-owned for more than 90 years, Cohen specializes in the recycling of industrial metals and is proud to have one of the largest e-waste recycling facilities in North America. Since this program began around eight years ago, Cohen has gone to great lengths to make it as safe and efficient as possible, hence why they are nationally recognized for their commitment to environmental safety.


    Everything that comes through Cohen’s door is first evaluated by an IT asset management team that determines whether it should be recycled or repurposed. Often times they receive computers and equipment that have not yet reached the end of their useful lifespans; these items undergo a rigorous screening process where they are disassembled, tested and wiped clean of all personal information, then sold to wholesalers.


    For the things that don’t make the cut, they have a date with Cohen’s uber-sophisticated, giant shredder. With special magnets and trademark separating techniques, the newly constructed behemoth will dwarf a football field, as well as most other e-waste shredders in the nation.


    What comes out at the end are several different types of ferrous, non-ferrous, precious metals bearing material and plastic commodities that are then marketed directly to refiners and smelters. All of these customers adhere to the same strict standards and certifications that Cohen does, which prevent its downstream byproducts, like lead and mercury, from adversely affecting human health and environments worldwide.


    Perhaps what is most remarkable is how this massive operation has a zero landfill footprint.


    Senior Vice President Adam Dumes wants the area to know that Cohen has been deeply engaged in the Middletown community for generations and will not waiver in its commitment to the economic viability of the region and the people who live and work here.


    So the next time you find yourself wondering what to do with that closet full of outdated office equipment, old appliances or broken laptops, know that if you drop it off at any Cohen facility, it will be in good hands.




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